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Service was nearly perfect, with servers and even owners constantly replacing our used flatware with clean before each new course, and whenever someone got up from our table for any reason, our linen napkins were neatly refolded and neatly placed at our seat as is done in truly fine dining restaurants the world over. It is the little things that often impress guests the most, and Raju, Khevin and their well trained staff know this to be true. All super-fresh, healthy ingredients are being used in Sapphire’s food, and these chefs truly understand the art of combining delicate spices and luscious sauces with the main staples of food that they use. Read more...

Welcome To The New©

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In January 2011, the new Global© launched after much anticipation. Using only the latest in Internet technology, featuring a fully interactive, browser friendly format, this dynamic Internet Magazine is now being read all over the world. Read more...

THE MISSION GRAPE – Distinct and Almost Extinct

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For centuries the Spanish Missionaries travelled the globe, spreading Christianity wherever they settled. They built missions, schools, villages and developed culture and spread education as they moved across the unexplored reaches of the world. They also brought with them and spread another significant social ingredient…that would be wine! Read more...

32 East – It’s Still All About the Food!

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The dining possibilities and combinations are endless at 32 East where it is “Still All About the Food”. The service is impeccable but never over-bearing, and the atmosphere is warm and bistro-esque while whispering fine dining on every visit. The upstairs dining room is so perfect for private parties during the holidays and year round as well. Read more...

It’s Turkey Time, All the Time

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History tells us that dishes involving turkey started as far back as the 1500s. Turkey was once exclusively a food for the rich, but gradually became affordable to the working class as time went on. Interesting fact: Today’s domesticated turkey is one breed out of six that is being farmed. Amy Chu shows how she cooks turkey in this recipe / story.. Read more...

Coyaba Restaurant – Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands

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With so many great restaurants to choose from in the Providenciales Turks & Caicos Islands, we decided to focus on Coyaba Restaurant for this dinner review. English Chef Paul Newman, owner of Coyaba restaurant, is a past winner of TV’s coveted Iron Chef Award. One taste of his cooking and a glimpse of his dedication, and it’s easy to see why “once an Iron Chef, always an Iron Chef.” Read more...

Speigel Restaurant – New York City

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Owner Avital lived in areas featuring a “melting pot” of cuisines, with food not necessarily distinctive of the Middle East but a reflection of the numerous cultures around him. So it is no surprise that items like schnitzel, fish tacos, burgers and fries are offered at Spiegel, along with dishes with a more Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavor. Read more...

La Stella Ristorante ~ Catering – Boca Raton, Florida

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Although originally meant to be a catering only establishment, popular demand caused Chef Barlow to open her restaurant doors to the public and begin serving dinner too. Five years later, Jamie has her La Stella staff past and present, and especially her loyal customers who she considers family, to thank for her success. This is real Italian food! Read more...

Stop The Restaurant “Employee Drama”

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I am sure all businesses have workplace drama, which generally includes all forms of gossip, badmouthing, back-stabbing, talking behind co-workers backs and other various negative human traits. Having spent my entire life in the hospitality business, working in nightclubs and restaurants, I have come to the conclusion that restaurant drama has to be the worse form of workplace drama and a unique form of harassment. Read more...

Da Marcella Mediterranean Taverna – New York City

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The menu at Marcella Mediterranean Taverna reflects Italian influence with a Spanish flair focusing more on natural ingredients and shying away from overly refined ones. What caters to this ideology is the freshness of the meats, particularly the Scottish salmon in the Salmon and Avocado Tartare with Lampedusa Capers…. Read more...

Sel et Poivre, New York City

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When walking into Sel et Poivre on Manhattan’s upper east side of NYC, you are sure to be greeted warmly by co-owner, executive chef, and wine director Christian Schienle. This is an intimate and inviting setting, complete with soft lights emitting from walls covered with black and white photos of the family’s history. Read more...