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September 24, 2010

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A Dinnerreviews.com© Featured 5-Star Food Blog Award Winner


Reviewed By: Tom House

Welcome back Foodie Fanatics, Friends and Loyal Readers of Dinnerreviews.com©. I want to especially welcome our readers from Twitter who are always Re- twEATing and faithfully reading our dinner reviews from across the USA, Side Dishes and 5-Star Blog Award stories! Thanks for giving my Labor of Love turned business a look! I appreciate your valuable time, and would not be as successful without each and every one of you. I am a fan of yours too!

This is our newest (2010) 5-Star Food Blog Award Winner and Review! It is all about a very cool foodie-lover’s site located at: www.amyblogschow.com Get ready for a real treat. Amy Cao, the brain behind the blog, is one clever lady with a most unique idea. Trust me when I tell you that if you watch just one of her short Stupidly Simple Snacks video clips featured on her site and broadcast through YouTube, you too will become hooked.

Amy Cao

Amy is a young accomplished writer from Brooklyn, NY, who works on “fun things” for ZAGAT, as well as writing about restaurants too! Her work has been featured in Thirsty? NYC, FHM, and even Empire film magazine in Australia, and she also travels and writes for offManhattan. In spring 2009, she created Amy Blogs Chow to share with the masses her projects and life in New York through the lens of food.

Today, Amy is in demand in New York City as a writer, and nationally as well. As a city dweller always on the run, Amy says she orders in a lot, dines out and appreciates easy-to-make meals like pizza bites for example. Amy says, “I may write about eating, but I can’t cook for my life so I also make Stupidly Simple Snacks (click on it). Amy adds with a twinkle in her eye, “This web video series is for those who don’t know what ‘macerated’ means either!”

Here is another link of Stupidly Simple Snacks for you to click on, where Miss Cao makes Spicy Hot Chocolate. This is a good one for this time of year! With the addition of some hip music, she takes the seriousness out of food and cooking and makes it really cool and laid back! Amy Cao makes it alright to NOT be a stuffy food EXPERT! Trust me when I tell you that for me, it is a welcome escape from the serious, in-depth dinner reviews I have been writing for so many years. Although I always try to put a little fun and creativity into my work, it still reminds me of work at times. If I had thought of the same idea as Amy, I would not have to write so much! Of course I am not as cute as her though!

Hot off the Press! I asked Amy what is planned for the upcoming 2010 New Year. Amy explains, “In the new year, I plan to make my web videos a more regular feature of Amy Blogs Chow. Also, I’d like to get guests on camera and some new brains behind it. Right now, I’m working with Dan Delaney of VendrTV to tweak the show format. Nothing has been set in stone, but Dan has a lot of video production know-how and technical skill so I’m really excited to see what’s in store. I’m also looking forward to collaborating with guest “chefs”, like my friend Keavy Landreth, owner of Kumquat Cupcakery in future episodes. Simply put, 2009 was a great year for exploring social media, building my blog, and

Amy's Thumbprint Cookies

feeling out my role on the web. In 2010, we go all the way with what we learned!”

Amy recently entered The Brooklyn Chocolate Experiment as a contestant, and even though she did not win, she had an excellent entry. Here is an excerpt from what she says on her blog leading up to the event. “I’VE BEEN BAKING and crushing, chopping, melting, stirring, sifting, pressing, spreading, cutting, rolling, dipping, and photographing like mad.

Nanaimo Dessert Bars

Two weeks ago, I entered the Brooklyn Chocolate Experiment thinking, ‘Fourteen days will surely be enough time toovercome 25 years of kitchen nightmares, to pick a worthy recipe and, of course, to write about it.’ With only two days until the event, happening this Sunday at the Bell House in Brooklyn, I have a bona fide awesome entry. It was a close call between Canadian chocolate bars and my sister’s chocolate thumbprint cookies. In the end, I knew – No Guts, No Glory. So I confirmed: Amy Blogs Chow will be sharing 300 miniature Nanaimo bars.”

Amy has a very clever, fluid writing style, featuring the ability to make food writing interesting and entertaining. Trust me when I tell you that this is the key to success in the food writing biz. Congratulations to Amy Cao for her slick clever approach to what there are already too many of us doing! To be able to stand out and catch our eye here at Dinnerreviews.com© is just an example of her impending success, as I have been checking out hundreds of blogs featured on Twitter. There are plenty of excellent award winners ahead, featuring food experts, chefs, national writers, and Twitter accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers…but that is for the future.

For today we are enjoying a lighter side of a genre that is often taken too seriously. Thanks Amy for showing the fun side of food blogging! If I were you I would follow Amy Cao on Twitter! <- Here is her direct link.

So kick back and take a load off your culinary conscious for a change. Log on to www.amyblogschow.com and have some fun with food the way Amy does! The best thing of all is you might even learn something from this mighty smart foodie. If I had a TV show about food, I would invite her to be my guest right away. I think she is a star in the making, and that’s why I am going on the record early and telling everyone to check her unique style of food fun out before she becomes a media super star! Even when that happens, something tells me that she will be true to her roots, and keep things light and fun, and even “stupidly simple” too!

Amy Cao Loves Simple Snacks

The camera really loves Amy, and you too will love her charming on-cam personality and witty culinary ideas. “Baby

it’s cold outside” so I’m going to go make that Spicy Hot Chocolate tonight! Once you have experienced the pure innocence and sheer genius displayed in Amy Cao’s casually clever videos, I am sure you’ll understand why we are awarding www.amyblogschow.com our 5-Star Food Blog Award. This is the first one awarded for 2010! Congratulations Amy Cao! Blog Well Done!

What’s that? You want a couple more recipe videos from Amy ? I thought so. ..try thee two ideas! It’s Amy’s Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream Shake –> Stupidly Simple Snacks and her newest video is something delicious for the holidays called Candied Cashews –> Stupidly Simple Snacks! Enjoy!

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