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September 30, 2011

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Welcome to my Editor’s Bite section! Information on this new page will range from simple Dinner Reviews Internet Magazine© updates like How I Got Here, to more controversial subjects relating specifically to the hospitality business. Maybe we should have called this Editor’s Sip according to the picture of me above, but you get the picture…er..well, idea!

Letter from the Editor

First on the agenda is to mention how pleased I am with the all new global version of© you are enjoying now. I am sure many of you do not know the humble beginnings of this Internet Magazine, or even saw the previous version. Over the last few years I was becoming aware that© would need to “catch up with technology” and in the summer of  2010 that  process began with a new business partnership. Next the lengthy transformation of my “labor of love turned business” began. The previous HTML version had been going strong for nine years when I decided this major overhaul was needed. The plan was for the updated and redesigned version to have the best look and functionality today’s new technology would allow.  That has been accomplished! Every month we continue adding the latest bells and whistles to© to keep it fresh and ahead of the hungry pack.

For those of you who have ever been involved in the creation of a new website (that’s the last time you’ll hear me say the word “website” when referring to, you know how frustrating it can be. As was the case with me, most people with a good idea do not have the technical skill to create a site that will reflect exactly what it is they are trying to portray to the masses on the worldwide web. It’s a real dilemma! You are always afraid that the work someone else is going to be doing to represent your ideas will not c0me across in the final product.

Work began on my new Internet Magazine at the start of the summer of 2010 and took a full 7 months to complete. A second web designer came on board when the technicalities of this “living magazine” became too advanced for my first web-genius. Coding is very complicated, and most web designers are not prolific at code-writing , so I reluctantly moved on from successful my ten-year+ business relationship with Wendy Putnam of  With her initial design work completed, Shawn Ryan Nicholson (genius #2) @Spitfire_988 of came on board and breathed new life into this project. His technical design skills and programming expertise brought© to its present global status. He is©’s  Web Master today, and I am very pleased to have his expertise in this company. Special thanks goes out to both Wendy and Shawn for a job well done.

After checking last months stats on our hard-working server, I am happy to report the following. (UPDATE) 153 different countries logged on to this magazine in September 2012! Of the 153 countries, the second highest readership after the United States is coming from Canada, with 17% of all our visitors! This is that time of year when the Canadian tourists come down to S. Florida in droves.

It’s more than just about record setting numbers however… Channel 7 News / Sunbeam Television (Fox News of Miami / Ft. Lauderdale) has endorsed© by featuring our Live Link Ad Banner on their extremely popular website located at Our banners appearing there afford their 3 million monthly readers a direct link to our Channel 7 News Feature Story section and all of Dinner Reviews Internet Magazine© too. Other signs of  the tremendous growth we are experiencing here at is new, powerful clients from around the globe joining our family of advertisers. Most notably, Mollydooker Winery in Australia now has three different Live Link Ad Banners appearing on, as well as Tayson Pierce Wines from Rutherford, California. We are not just for restaurants anymore!

Lastly, our DinnerReviews YouTube Channel has brought videos of wine makers, dinner reviews and miscellaneous hospitality related visuals to our insatiable audience, along with our very popular Twitter (@DinnerReviews) and Face Book page aptly named, “Who Wants to be a Food Critic?” Please join these pages and groups…we are having a great time interacting with our readers in our neighborhood and around the world!

In summary I am having the time of my life…and living The Dream at last! I am continuing to write dinner reviews in my travels around South Florida and the USA, and I am editing great writer’s work from New York City, Tampa, Florida, South Africa, California, Canada and countless other locales worldwide!

In the  future you can expect more controversial rants on this page designed to open our collective eyes to certain hospitality related issues affecting our great industry. I have a few planned already! This first Editor’s Bite is more of an update and an introduction to my new forum for connecting with you, our readers…certainly the most valuable and important part of this and any magazine’s success.

I welcome any and all your comments and suggestions. Please submit below in the comment area. Being in touch with you is the best way for me to continue to improve DinnerReviews Internet Magazine©.

On behalf of myself and my growing staff…thanks for the bottom of my heart for your years of support! I am looking forward to entertaining you for many more years to come.

I remain In Search of the Five Star Dining Experience!


Tom House
Editor in Chief

Foot Note:© is a full blown magazine…not a blog!  The name Dinner Reviews Internet Magazine© has been copyrighted for more than eleven years now. I predicted correctly the demise of print magazines as the Internet continued to gain momentum. Today that prediction has become reality for many of the leaders in the print magazine industry…not just food related magazines like Conde Nast’s Gourmet Magazine!

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