Thai Spice: True Dining Destination Ft. Lauderdale Fla.

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October 17, 2011

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Thai Spice

1514 East Commercial Blvd.
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 33334

Reviewed by: Tom House

Food & Service: Here in South Florida we have a handful of restaurants that have managed to stay open and successful for decades! Thai Spice on Commercial Blvd. in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida is a perfect example of exactly what I’m talking about.

Hamachi Sashimi with sliced grapes, avocado, caviar and jalapenos

Opened by Michael Tatton in 1989, and still owned by him today, Thai Spice just keeps on rolling along year after year…and continues to get better too!

On this visit, I brought along a few friends to the place I often call “my favorite restaurant!” As it turns out…my guests already felt that same way about Thai Spice, and were excited to join me for dinner. We were seated in a spacious booth and our server Ray was upon us like lightning! Before long our table was covered with great wine and some traditional Thai appetizers, as well as some not so conventional menu choices.

Billy Wisdom,©’s International Food & Wine Editor, ordered Namsod, made up of chopped chicken breast tossed with fresh ginger, roasted peanuts, red onions, cilantro, chopped scallions and lime juice served over fresh greens for all to share. This is always tasty and so fresh!

Thai Spice Maine Lobster stuffed & baked with fresh shrimp, Diver scallops & lump blue crab meat

We devoured a plate of Spring Rolls filled with rock shrimp, which our server called Rock & Roll Spring Rolls, as well as Hamachi  Sashimi, topped with avocado, sliced grapes, caviar, wakame salad and jalapeno peppers. The outstanding flavors from each dish created loud verbal exclamations of pleasure from everyone at the table! If you listen, you can hear the same from other tables in the dining room too.

Lastly we shared Charcoal Grilled Calamari, simply served with a mild or spicy dipping sauce. This is one of my favorite dishes at Thai Spice, and you can taste the ocean-freshness in every bite!

Enjoy this Thai Spice© Video Dinner Review below and we’ll see you on the other side! Learn the secret of operating a successful restaurant for three decades!

Siam Duck with Tamarind Sauce

Michael Tatton has always put an emphasis on excellent service. From the moment you enter his restaurant until they bid you good night, great service is on display in everything the hostesses, servers and busboys do! It is truly a pleasure to experience, and along with the amazing food, it’s something you’ll want to return for again and again.

There should always be a little touch of “show business” in a restaurant service and atmosphere, and Thai Spice always remembers that you are out to dinner for the pleasure of the over-all experience…not just to get some food to eat. The menu here has well over 120 unique selections, as well as many Thai specialties not found on many other menus.

Whole Hog Snapper topped with Chile, Garlic, Basil sauce...amazing!

Nightly specials are numerous, and no matter what you are in the mood for…Thai Spice will make it for you. This is real Thai food done right! Order Yum Nua – Thai Beef Salad, Yum Yalay - Thai Seafood Salad, or how about Yum Woonsen – Bean Thread Noodle Salad! Now I know why so many dishes begin with the word YUM! All the Thai favorites are available of course, like Three Buddies, Seafood Red Curry, Dreaming Chicken and the list goes on and on.

I love a steaming hot bowl of Tom Ka Gai, loaded with chicken, coconut milk, fresh lemon grass, galanga, scallions and lime juice. I always have Thai Spice make mine “Thai Hot”…but you don’t have to. Craving something fancier? Don’t be afraid to order Thai Spice’s 3 Lb. Live Maine Lobster! These talented chefs will split and stuff this monster crustacean  with fresh shrimp, whole Diver scallops and lump blue crab meat, then bake it to perfection.

Owner Michael Tatton Surrounded by Multiple Awards received over last 28 years

I could go on and on about this excellent restaurant, featuring incredible food and service! From any kind of fried rice you desire, to Prime, Black Angus steaks and chops, duck, chicken more than twelve ways and any kind of seafood your heart desires. Thai Spice does a huge take out business too!

I love dining in Thai Spice’s booths between the many gorgeous, relaxing salt water fish tanks while listening to soothing music, or you may dine outside too. It’s time you visited Thai Spice and discovered Michael Tatton’s haven of “out of this world” flavors. This is a fantastic place to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, family gatherings, first dates and holidays. Visit and find out why this is one of Florida’s top dining destinations! When was the last time you experienced 5-Star Food & Service? Tell them Tom House from© sent you!

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