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January 11, 2011

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In January 2011, the new Global DinnerReviews.com© launched after much anticipation and many months of re-development.  Using only the latest in Internet technology, featuring a browser friendly interactive format, and the skills of some of South Florida’s top web designers, this dynamic Internet Magazine is now being read all over the world. Today, more than 150 different countries are logging on every month, and up to 35,000 hits (not visitors) each and every day.  It was time to catch up with technology, and was the best thing we ever did. Our readers and advertisers have embraced the new format and DinnerReviews.com© has taken the hospitality industry by storm.

Our new, dynamic format features two High Definition Video players on every page, in-depth dinner and wine reviews from around the globe, and of course more of our excellent photography. Many new interesting sections have been added, including direct access to our DinnerReviews YouTube Channel, and check out our unique Twit-Pic-Nic page too. Of course we kept some of our most popular features such as Side Dishes and Channel 7 News Feature Stories. More new sections and features are on the way! We’ve always been dedicated to quality at DinnerReviews.com© and that dedication has moved to an even higher level with you and the rest of the world in mind.  Are you ready for this?

The Ad Banner above is now featured on Channel 7 News / Sunbeam Television at www.wsvn.com.

I had a vision fourteen years ago and way before most other food related websites came on the scene, that print magazines would eventually become obsolete. DinnerReviews.com© was born. Lo and behold, that vision has come true!  I have been successfully operating this Internet Magazine for the past 14 years, and now you see similar ideas popping up all over the world-wide web. This is not a blog or just a website…this is an Internet Magazine!

Is it more than a coincidence that today’s most popular national and international food-related glossy magazines have opened sites similar to DinnerReviews.com© and have got rid of their non-cost effective print issue glossy magazines? Of course due to the fact they have unlimited budgets, their sites are quite impressive to look at…but are they really entertaining?

On behalf of my partner Bill Jilla, International Food & Wine Editor, our writers all over the world, yours truly and the rest of our staff, we want you to keep coming back. There will always be new stories, pictures and videos posting, offering reviews in food, service and wine from across the USA and the world.  Thanks for visiting, and I personally invite you enjoy “My Labor of Love Turned Business” for many years to come. Welcome to the All New Dinner Reviews Internet Magazine©.

Keep on dining out and chasing your dreams, and we’ll continue our never-ending Search For the Five-Star Dining Experience!

It’s all for you!



Editor in Chief

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