Timeless Fine Dining at Mr. Chow, Miami Beach

June 7, 2012

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Mr. Chow

2201 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33119
(305) 695-1695

Reviewed by: Jenny Fedele

Food: Service:

Table Side Champagne Cart at Mr. Chow is the best way to start dinner

With the “Who’s Hot, Who’s Not” restaurant list in Miami changing faster than the speed of lightening, Mr. Chow at the W Hotel on South Beach has long remained the place to be seen and have a truly incredible Magic City dining experience.  Whether you are on a date or out with friends, Mr. Chow is the perfect place to escape, unwind and let yourself get whisked away for a while.

From the moment you walk in the door, you immediately feel the sense of elegance upon you. The beautiful décor, smiling servers and the smell of fresh hydrangeas and lilies is a treat for all your senses. Once you sit down, you have an army of attentive waiters who are eagerly waiting to make your dining experience flawless.  A beautiful champagne cart is then brought by your table so you may order a glass of champagne to start.

Mr Chow Noodles

The menu offers family style items, none of which you can go wrong with, but the Mr. Chow Noodles are a must! This signature item is made with a pork sauce and noodles for that “melt in your mouth” phenomenon we all seek.  The lettuce wraps are a delectable starter and great choice if you prefer a healthy appetizer that is refreshing and delicious.

All the entrees I have tried are absolutely divine and always full of unique flavors.  The Velvet Chicken is yet another enchanting recommendation, flaunting a smooth, savory mushroom sauce.

Finally, the inviting atmosphere of this restaurant is the cherry on top, making the impeccable food and service featured here seem even better.

Making the World Famous Mr. Chow Noodles by Hand

The vibe is modern, but the abundance of flowers and pictures hanging on the walls adds a classic touch.  If you are lucky, you might get to see a demonstration of how the Mr. Chow’s noodles are made… which is a real treat.  You’ll get to see the pride they put into their food as you watch the noodles being prepared right before your eyes, and in no time flat.

The best part of this dining experience is that it is to be shared so you can try many different items on each visit.  Unlike a heavy Italian meal or dinner at a steakhouse, Mr. Chow leaves you feeling perfectly satisfied and light.  Mr. Chow has proven to Miami that a timeless fine dining experience is here to stay.

Stop into Mr. Chow soon, and tell them that Jenny from DinnerReviews.com© sent you.

DinnerReviews.com© is proud to welcome & introduce Jenny Fedele: Jenny is a Miami native and a lifetime lover of the full “dining experience”. For Jenny that includes four key factors – food, wine, presentation and atmosphere; all equally important. At first glance Jenny might not appear to be the typical food critic, being an attorney with an LL.M. in Taxation and a Masters degree in Accounting, but don’t let that fool you. Although her education and career has taken her in a different direction than that of food, she has not let that stop from enjoying her culinary passions.

Jenny has embarked on what she considers her greatest educational journey yet, discovering and enjoying good food worldwide. While living in Italy and Spain, Jenny immersed herself in the European culture of food and wine.  Her international travels include trips to France, Australia, and Canada, and she regularly visits the best culinary locations in the United States like New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Aspen.  Every trip revolves around the meals which are carefully thought out.

She has also had the unique experience of growing up in a household where healthy food was a must. Her father is a cardiologist who has written several heart healthy lifestyle books, juxtaposed to her wild Italian family where the pasta and meatballs flow like water.  Her culinary journey is well on its way, as she relishes each and every delicious bite of food and sip of wine with our readers here on DinnerReviews.com©.

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