Momi Ramen – A Taste of Tokyo in The Magic City

September 14, 2013

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Momi Ramen

5 SW 11th Street
Miami, Florida 33130
Phone: (786) 391-2392

Reviewed & Photographed by: Shawn Nicholson

Food: Service:

Inside Momi Ramen

Have you ever dreamed about noodles? I have. As an avid food lover, I keep my eyes, ears and mouth open for any and everything related to food, including the TV show ”Mind of a Chef.” The first episode is all about the ramen noodle, how it changed the world and where it originated from. Also in this show are comparisons to what separates common cooking methods from the extravagant risk takers paving new ways for the evolution of this simple noodle. My next phase was to locate a true noodle bar somewhere close to me, and that’s when we discovered Momi in Miami.

Featuring an open view kitchen, it is claimed to be King of Ramen, and allegedly their competition is non-existent. Taking an hour drive to try this noodle bar is not your typical reaction to a craving, but we had literally been dreaming about fresh noodles for almost a week, so it was time drive and dine. Upon entering Momi Ramen, you’ll see the walls covered in Sake bottles and unique beers.

This place could have been in Tokyo, as the feeling inside is very authentic. The kitchen is exposed through a glass widow, and the atmosphere was quiet and smelled delicious too! Everyone around us is so busy devouring their bowls of food, they do not even notice us enter! We are however greeted by a beautiful Asian server who barely spoke

Pork Belly Tonkotsu Ramen Noodle Bowl

English, except for a typical greeting. There is only one server working tis small room, but what would you expect with 16 seats inside and a menu consisting of only 3 dishes and 3 appetizers.

I quickly decide on the Pork Belly Tonkotsu Ramen Noodle Bowl. Just a few minutes later it was politely placed in front of us, steaming hot and filling the air with its delectable aroma. Diving into the noodles with chopsticks in one hand and a soup ladle in another, I find the noodles to be perfectly cooked and brimming with a delicious pork broth flavor. The broth itself was an entirely different flavor pairing perfectly with the fresh scallions, soft boiled egg pieces of sliced pork belly, and thinly sliced mushrooms.

Giant Pork Belly Centerpiece

After enjoying the food as it was intended to taste, I kicked things up a notch with some chili powder, and almost as fast as I added a few shakes, I gulped the rest of the contents of the bowl. Feeling warm, fuzzy and full, we dared to try and fit in some desert too! A fresh Mochi rice cake filled with red bean paste is absolutely excellent, but we simply could not fit it all in our stomachs. The bill came, we left a nice tip and as we are leaving we are praised for not wasting any of our food. There is one catch… they don’t allow take-out or anything to-go, and cash is the only currency they take. It is a small sacrifice to make, but well worth the quality of these fresh noodles and excellent ingredients. A little taste of Tokyo in The Magic City!

We recommend Momi Ramen when you are ready to try something different! The menu is small but the flavors ARE GIGANTIC! Make sure you tell them that Shawn Nicholson from sent you!


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