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March 12, 2014

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Angus Club Steakhouse
135 East 55th Street
New York, NY 10022

Food & Service:

Upstairs Dining Room at Angus Club Steakhouse

As a new fine dining establishment, Angus Club Steakhouse fits in well on Midtown East and Lexington Avenue where other restaurants, shops, and hotels line the streets. Yet when stepping inside, the Art Deco influence is immediately felt throughout Angus Club’s design. The geometric layout of the main floor and lower level hosts muted tones, wooden paneling on the walls—in addition to wooden artwork of a bull—and darker hues with beige/metallic tints. Add the comfort of the leather chairs, along with the subdued illumination from the chandeliers and Angus Club Steakhouse reflects the “not overly masculine, finish” co-owner Margent Maslinka was going for.

What comes to mind about the food at Angus Club Steakhouse? All Natural. The natural taste of each dish is the star of every bite. The strength of the menu is due to years of knowledge Executive Chef / co-owner

Angus Entree spread of Seabass, Porterhouse, Mushrooms & Homefries

Edward Avduli brings in preparing steak and seafood for the masses. Dry-aged, choice USDA cuts from the Midwest make for the most succulent pieces of beef that are meaty, tender, and full of flavor. Standout items like the Porterhouse steak and Ribeye are premium examples of how satisfying just the meat itself can be. These steaks are not smothered in sauce or seasoning when served. The inherent savor and texture of this restaurant’s beef relies on the cut and aging process that can take up to several weeks. They are all marinated, and some may even have a dash of yellow Himalayan sea salt to tenderize. The perfection of steak with a pink inside and crusted exterior that is not chewy but soft, melting in your mouth with each bite, is the proper way of enjoying steak…wouldn’t you agree?

But Angus isn’t only for meat lovers who appreciate their thick, serrated knives held at the ready to dig in to a great steak. The seafood and side dishes reflect another side of their menu that melds American comfort food with a bit more decadence. Cutting into an Angus Club Steakhouse Crab Cake filled with mostly crab meat

Angus Chilean Seabass

illustrate freshness combined with a perfect balance of herbs, peppers, and a breaded crust that is lightly fried and never greasy. The Grilled Chilean Sea Bass marinated with capers and carrots in a lemon and white wine reduction is well seared on the top and bottom, delivering an elegant taste that is not fishy or acidic.  This style of cooking allows the proper crispness and specific flavor of the sea bass to shine. The Truffle Mac n’ Cheese pairs the earthy and distinct essence of truffle oil with the comfort of a creamy texture of cheese that you would expect, and is simply delightful. The Sautéed Mushrooms have a touch of garlic and oil that is well balanced. Creamed Spinach is not ‘creamed’ in the sense of including dairy, but is marinated and

Angus Starters- Bacon, Salad, Jumbo shrimp & Crabcake

cooked in its own broth made onsite, allowing the true tart and heartiness of spinach to break through, enhancing the natural flavors once again..

Angus Club Steakhouse also houses over a thousand bottles of wine in their temperature-controlled wine cellar that you may see when dining on the lower level. Co-owner and wine director Margent will happily recommend some wonderful wine pairings to go with your meal, or have a suggestion if you simply want to enjoy their happy hour. In April, Angus will be opening on weekends for brunch, so stay tuned for updates to their menu.

At Angus Club Steakhouse the owners and chef know their meat.  They choose from only the finest USDA PRIME meats available. The selection process is crucial and therefore done only by our Executive Chef Edward Avduli on a daily basis. This is to ensure the quality of our meat provided is second to none. They

Angus Club Steakhouse Lamb Chops

know how to boost the true flavors of their steaks and other menu items, yet never mute or overpower them. They are skilled at allowing the natural juices and textures of all cuisine served to stand alone, with no unnecessary added trimmings. Dining here is truly a pleasant way to enjoy proteins, seafood and vegetables, no matter what the chef’s variation.

Stop in soon and tell them our New York City writer Jennifer Baker from© sent you!

A native New Yorker, Jennifer Baker has been writing since she entered the academic institution and continues to do so every moment she gets. Jennifer has a particular love for desserts (both eating and baking them) and while partaking in some of the sugary treats NYC has to offer, she has interviewed local bakeries such as Ivy Bakery, First Prize Pies, Hot Blondies, and Zugar Haus. Jennifer regularly posts about writing, books, baking, and food events in addition to reviews and hosting giveaways on her website: You can also follow Jennifer on Twitter at @jbakernyc and check out her site

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