Dinosaur of the Restaurant Business

December 14, 2015

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Dinosaur of the Restaurant Business

Written by; Tom House

The restaurant business today is a far cry from what it used to be. A blanket statement you say? Well more specifically…the people working in the industry just do not take the work seriously anymore. Call me a Dinosaur, but “in the proverbial old days”, being just a server was a real career, and one that most took very seriously. People waited for months to get in the right house. I waited once 3 months to get a server position at the coveted Yesterday’s at Oakland Park Blvd and The Intra-coastal waterway. This restaurant was doing 1500 dinners a night at the time, and had a strict 3-day training program that many potential employees did not make it through…but I did and it was the best thing that ever happened to me  (I will write more about this important job in my career at another time).

Training is what is missing today, as well as personal pride and interest in becoming highly skilled at handling people…a powerful skill that is used throughout our lives and in all the business endeavors we do. I cannot teach someone to have pride or not be lazy…but I can inspire them to be better. That is why I started restaurant consulting. It works!

As a hospitality consultant and longtime restaurant food and service critic (Editor in Chief and creator of DinnerReviews.com©), I specialize in complete evaluations of restaurant and nightclub operations of all sizes. My forty-four years of comprehensive experience in all aspects of the hospitality industry, from dishwasher to owner and everything in between, has made me an expert in my field. All businesses need experts! It is not about EGO…it is about reality. I want to be a teacher and bring the restaurant biz back to life!

I also train entire FOH staffs to utilize my signature Celebrity Service via my Celebrity Service Seminar guaranteed to improve sales and service in any establishment. This interactive two hour service seminar includes examining the psychology of serving people one on one with your staff and management, as well as offering staffs many of the “tricks of the trade” I have garnered over the years as a successful server myself. It is not unusual for me to get a standing ovation from staff and management after delivering this seminar.

When I go back to check on these restaurants, there has always been an improvement in sales and service… and everyone is happier..especially the customers! www.abetterhouse.biz


Tom House / Restaurant Dinosaur

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