Max’s Harvest – Brilliant Cutting Edge Cuisine – Delray Beach, Florida

August 2, 2015

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Max’s Harvest
169 NE 2nd Avenue
Delray Beach, Florida 33444
(561) 381-9970

Brilliant Cutting Edge Cuisine

Reviewed & Photographed by: Billy Wisdom

Food & Service: Max’s Harvest, located just off the famous Avenue in Delray Beach, serves brunch, lunch and dinner showcasing locally grown foods from famous Florida farms and purveyors.

Chef Eric Baker

Well sourced and paired ingredients create eclectic cuisine bursting with marvelous flavors jumped to the forefront of our taste buds during our first trip to Max’s Harvest.  Nothing at Max’s Harvest is mundane. The locally sourced hen eggs used in the “Homegrown Super Greens Omelet”, “Egg Fried Rice with BBQ Brisket” and imaginative “Benedicts of Smoked Salmon and Lobster” over crisp potato latke (which absorbs the hen egg yolks) are still dancing on my palate.  With these culinary creations “egging you on”, do not be afraid to taste the in-house made ghost pepper sauce.  This is a well-balanced blend of sweet meets hot that is made with local mangoes and aged for over 30 days. Brunch is served Saturday and Sundays and prices range from $14-$24.

Farm to Table Brunch Dish

Not to be overshadowed by brunch, weekday lunch at Max’s Harvest features many selections. We have enjoyed different delicious sandwiches such, as “Freebird Chicken Melt” with Fontina on Ciabatta and Dirty Chips and “Tempura Fish” with Yuzu Pickles, Spicy Mayo and Bibb lettuce on Kaiser and more of those addictive dirty chips. Prices range from $7-$20.

Dinner features we enjoyed include “Local Zucchini Squash Blossoms” stuffed with Pimento cheese and jalapeño pepper jelly, “made in Pompano by Vito Mozzarella” with Vine Ripened Tomatoes. We have also tried “Sweet Bay Scallop Crudo” with Rhubarb, Kombucha Aguachile, Avocado and Mango and the infamous “Study of Lamb” featuring Crispy Ribs and Moroccan Merguez Sausage. Where else in Palm Beach County do you see Akaushi (赤牛, roughly meaning “red cow”), a Japanese Wagyū breed of cattle. Also available is Wagyu Beef, butter soft in texture and perfectly marbled for lots of flavor, served with farm fresh veggies. Dinner prices range from $14-38, and on specialty items daily market prices apply.

Amazing Sweet Bay Scallop Crudo by Chef Eric Baker

Chef Eric Baker’s wisdom also manifests itself in small batch artisanal spirit infusions to drink, such as Kafir Lime, Ginger, Kombucha. If you are in the mood for Happy Hour in a young, hip setting, their brilliant drink concoctions are made with organic juices such as ‘Thai One On’ with Mango Rum, Ginger, Cardamom, Thai Chile and Pineapple. This will wake up your taste buds and get them ready for Max’ Harvest awesome food!

A dessert not to miss is the “Petit Four Plate of Baklava, Cannoli, Coconut Macaroon and Rainbow Cookie”. So delicious and fresh. Sip some espresso and enjoy.

With just over 80 wine bottle selections, there are many splendid choices to pair with the food being served. Spend a little or spend a lot… there is a wide range of prices to choose from. You can dine at many different levels at Max’s Harvest…but no matter your choices of food and wine, all are very good.

Excellent Lamb is Served at Max' Harvest

From Max’s Harvest website: “Food tastes naturally delicious when grown with care, harvested at precisely the right moment and delivered to our kitchen directly from the source. Fresh ingredients are a delight to the senses and the essence of great cooking. We hope you enjoy the sheer pleasure of seasonal, locally-grown ingredients and the simple, sophisticated flavors that result when you let the land speak for itself. Come dine with us as a guest in our home and enjoy your time here as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing Harvest to you.” That pretty much says it all.

Without a doubt Max’s Harvest serves the best weekday lunch in South Florida, a spectacular brunch on weekends and is in our top three picks for dinner in Delray and beyond. Max’s signature quality and Chef Eric Baker‘s “culinary signature” is stamped on every plate that enters the Max’s Harvest dining room! So whatever you are looking for happy hour, dinner, or a late

Petit Four Plate of Baklava, Cannoli, Coconut Macaroon and Rainbow Cookie

night stop, Max’s Harvest’s kitchen is guaranteed to be just what the discerning foodie ordered! We proudly award Max’s Harvest FIVE STARS for both Food and Service. Hurry in to try these healthy, flavorful dishes and tell them Billy Wisdom and© sent you.

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