Good Habits are Hard to Break

October 4, 2016

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Good Habits are Hard to Break

Written by: Tom House

Working in the hospitality industry for about 45 years now has humbled me in many ways. Like many of the heralded wines in the wonderful places I have worked…I have aged and matured too. Luckily my cork is still firm and my ullage quite high for a vintage 1956.

I have come to realize that to be a server or a bartender in a busy restaurant…especially a fine dining restaurant…you must have the gift of gab as well as the patience of a saint. Everything depends on your ability to withstand and survive in the vortex of the organized chaos of your very busy surroundings. Creating good habits and sticking with them while you work is the key!

Benefits: You become a People Specialist; a masterful organizer with a “no panic” approach to whatever life throws at you on the job…and off the job too for that matter! You can calculate the state tax on any dollar amount in 3 seconds. You can identify the good and the not-so-good customers within a few minutes and whether either is full of shit or not.

Costs: You probably have aching feet, backs and headaches. Many will have drinking and drug problems and paranoia, depending on how strict the place you work at is. You will most likely have NO health benefits, retirement plans, savings account or job security. A dwindling sense of self-esteem, overall depression and lack of motivation are common, as it is not every day you are in the mood to get all dolled up, rush into work and be abused by your fellow human beings while trying to serve them to the best of your ability.

So take it from this vintage 56’ and learn to go with the flow at work. Stay away from the drama and focus on having fun and making money! Make it a habit to be positive around and helpful towards your fellow employees…this will make them suspicious, but do it from the heart. This kind of behavior is contagious, as is the alternative negative conduct. I always say, “Good habits are hard to break!”

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