The Royal Pig Pub – Dining Excellence – No Snobbery

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Our server Alejandro was at our tables immediately, full of exuberance and information about the menu! We could tell right away that he truly enjoys his work and were eager to be served by him. At his suggestion we order Killer Shrimp – Buffalo Style and Pub Spinach Dip as appetizers. These arrive promptly and both were very good. Read more...

Experience da Campo Osteria Ft. Lauderdale Florida

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Some places have exactly what it takes to create that perfect dining experience for their guests, and this restaurant is one of those places. At da Campo Osteria, the combination of a wonderful view and caring service, combined with amazing food made by dedicated chefs, make this a dining experience you’ll long remember. Read more...

Go Big or Go Home Wine Tasting Notes

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Welcome to our Hottest, Latest, Newest Section! “Go Big or Go Home” Wine Tasting Notes! These wines were evaluated by Richard D. Steinberg, CFA Wine Editor / DinnerReviews.com© and edited by Billy “Wisdom” Jilla / International Food & Wine Editor. Can you hang with the best? Read more...

There’s an “h” in French

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Until now, authentic French cuisine has not been easy to find. Enter The h Restaurant in Sunny Isles Beach, just north of Miami Beach, where French cuisine is king. We chose a table in full view of the partially open kitchen, as most of the outside tables were full upon our arrival. Read more...

Uncle Julio’s Mexican Affair

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The use of high quality Haas Avocados make Uncle Julio’s guacamole so delicious! Combining the “guac” with the highly addictive melted cheese, warm tortilla chips and salsa, made for a great combo. We were also digging some Pork and Chicken Tamales Read more...

An “Ofrenda” You Can’t Refuse

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Don’t be scared off or “offrended” by the skeleton mural which greets you at the entrance of this NYC restaurant. That top hat sporting skeleton feeds into their theme of “Día de los Muertos” (Day of the Dead). The warmly lit dining room holds no more than 20 tables… Read more...

5-Star Food Blog Award #2

5-Star Food Blog Awards
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This is our newest #2 (2010) 5-Star Food Blog Award Winner and Review! It is all about a very cool foodie-lover’s site located at: www.amyblogschow.com Get ready for a real treat. Amy Cao, the brain behind the blog, is one clever lady! Read more...